Examples of use

  • Schools and kindergartens

  • Administrative buildings and offices

  • Accommodation, hotels, houses and cottages

  • Shops, kiosks and showrooms

  • Sanitary facilities and locker rooms

  • Production workshops, car washes, garages and warehouses

  • Gatehouses, ticket offices and turnstiles

Our goal

Since its foundation, we have been working at Moravia Containers with the aim of creating pleasant modern spaces that will fully suit you not only on a professional but also on a personal level and where you will always be happy to return.

Our aim is to develop, manufacture and deliver quality and environmentally friendly containers and modular buildings that not only meet but also exceed your expectations. We are therefore very pleased that they have rightly gained your interest across many countries in Europe, also in America, Asia, Africa and Australia, and Iceland and Antarctica are no exception.

Modularity of the building system

The modularity of our building system consists in working with any number and size of modules variably adapted to the project, including internal equipment and necessary accessories.

The production and construction technology allows an unlimited number of variants and combinations of modules of different dimensions and utility character, individually designed based on your needs and possibilities, taking into account the conditions at the destination, including special requirements for thermal insulation properties, fire resistance or energy-saving systems, etc.

The added value of modular buildings, compared to standard containers, are tailor-made, architecturally, design and technologically sophisticated, affordable solutions.

Products portfolio

Within our portfolio of products and services at Moravia Containers, you can choose from individual containers, including simple building cells, to complex modular buildings with a variety of uses and a high standard of workmanship. From standard residential, sanitary, technological or special containers to versatile custom production and fully equipped modular buildings.

High quality design, affordability and cost-effectiveness without additional delay costs are among the other benefits provided by the Moravia Containers modular system. Specifying and clarifying all the details, including the required accessories and equipment, at an early stage of the building planning will then allow you to maximise economic and time efficiency.


  • Length of module 1/14 m
  • Module width: 1/4 m
  • Stack height up to 3.4 m
  • Stackability: standard 2 storeys, 3 or more on request

Comprehensive services and consultancy

Among our products, specific attention is deserved to non-traditional, highly specialized technological containers used for example for server rooms, compressors, pumping stations, distribution cabinets, research stations and measuring equipment, control desks, waste sorting plants, facilities for TV and radio stations, facilities for mobile operators and others.

If your project requires more than standard building foundations, or if, for example, crane handling is not possible at the destination, then we are ready and able to offer you a variant of modules with forklift pockets and abrol for easier transport.


Comprehensive services and consultancy

In addition to the production itself, we also provide services including assembly, transport and service, including repairs, reconstruction, enlargement or reduction, extensions to existing buildings or building into halls, relocation of the building elsewhere, and last but not least, we are happy to advise you.

When designing the structural and technical solution for your project, we always respect the applicable legislative requirements at the destination, pay attention to the latest trends, first-class suppliers, professional approach, and also place emphasis on energy-efficient building solutions. Of course, the materials used in the manufacture of containers and modular buildings are certified according to the strict standards in force in each country.

6 main benefits


In just a few days, you can change the design, use, interior layout or the materials and technology of the individual modules to match your current needs and ideas.

Modular buildings can be modified, subdivided, repurposed, reduced in size or extended with additional modules at any time.

eco Environmental friendly

A sustainable construction method with minimal environmental impact, including less water and energy consumption on site, helps to minimize the negative impacts of construction activities.

The majority of the production process of modular buildings takes place in our production halls, where we place considerable emphasis on ecology.

Speed of construction

The assembly of prefabricated modules is very fast on site. Expect to assemble and install our modular buildings in just a few days. For each project, we always carefully communicate the necessary construction readiness with you in order to ensure the smooth progress of the work on site.

Consistent preparation and mutual cooperation is a guarantee of fast work progress, both for simple projects and constructions, especially in the case of specific requirements and atypical solutions.


Are you modernizing the premises and the current location of the buildings does not suit you? Do you want to move or are you just dealing with the transition period of a planned project?

If your situation or plans change, the modular building, both temporary and permanent, can be dismantled and moved elsewhere at any time.


Administrative buildings and offices, schools and kindergartens, houses, cottages, hotels and hostels, kitchens, restaurants, surgeries, shops, showrooms, kiosks, large and small establishments, towers, gatehouses, turnstiles, breeding facilities, technological or special containers, sports and training facilities, permanent, temporary and temporary buildings.

Whether in the public or private sector, our containers and modular buildings are widely used in construction, industry, education, catering, energy, transport and many other sectors where they meet civil, social, construction and industrial needs.

Affordability and profitability

The lower acquisition costs of residential, sanitary and process containers and modular buildings are only part of the advantage.

Cost-effectiveness and profitability compared to conventionally constructed buildings can be considered in the wider context of the project. Other criteria considered include saving time, human resources, interest and costs due to shorter construction time.

What can we help you with?

Do not hesitate to contact us with any question, we will be glad to advise you on the choice or specific solution options

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