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Modular buildings and custom manufacturing

One of the biggest advantages of modular buildings is their variability and unique structural solutions which open the way for any usage, not only owing to their simple and purposeful design but mainly due to the original and inventive individual construction projects.

These buildings are designated mainly for permanent use. They can also boast the ability to become smaller or grow together with you, to move when you move or stay put. If the size of the land is limited then it is possible to put them on top of each other, making several floors. Modular buildings and module houses can be placed on flat ground as well as on sloping ground.

You will primarily appreciate the mobility and versatility of constructions of a temporary nature, or in case you need changes in the future.

The basic module consists of a self-supporting steel structure of any size. It is possible to modify it, enlarge it, interconnect it, build more and build up, ...and also to remove it, meaning making a container smaller. At the same time, it is possible to emphasize special requirements (e.g. fire-proof, energy-saving solution, etc.).

Speed of construction is guaranteed by the fact that the individual modules are prepared and manufactured almost to the last detail in advance (including all insulation, installations, distribution systems, procedures, construction openings, and many other elements). On land with underground services and with a foundation mat the individual modules are put together, connected, assembled, or interconnected and the final building is done within several hours or days. Construction work does not depend on the weather and does not burden the surroundings with dust or noise.

Another indisputable advantage of modular buildings is the fact that you can practically move in on the same day the house is delivered. Apart from the fast construction you can also enjoy a creative selection of interiors and exteriors according to your wishes and requirements, as discussed with you during the project preparation phase.

Preparing a non-binding offer is also a matter of course.

In the event you are interested, we also provide:

  • Project documentation,
  • Visualization,
  • Building permits,
  • Certificate of building energy demand,
  • Structural calculations,
  • Heat calculations,
  • Certificates for all materials used.

You can find our modular buildings in all European countries, as well as across other continents.

Modular buildings and custom manufacturing

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