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Sanitary containers

Sanitary containers and modules equipped with sanitary ware are usually part of a comprehensive modular or container construction project. They differ from residential modules primarily by the fittings, the composition of the walls, ceilings, and floors, and sometimes also the technology and equipment used. However, free-standing sanitary containers or buildings are commonly found in industrial complexes, sports grounds, fun parks, golf courses, family, cultural, or leisure centres, and rental parks.

The basic technical parameters of sanitary containers, as well as their advantages, are the same as the parameters and advantages of residential and office modules. In the case of sanitary containers, we are happy to advise you on the more demanding rules and standards required by the local authorities, which can also differ according to the intended purpose. 

At Moravia Containers, we work with technologies and materials from renowned suppliers, which for us are a guarantee of the quality expected by our customers. However, our proposed solution always respects not only the customer’s wishes and tastes, but also their budget. We can offer an economically advantageous design and we can also accommodate even the most demanding requirements in terms of design, materials, technology, and selected equipment.

Sanitary containers

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